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Drugs & Repeat Prescriptions

Modern veterinary medicine uses a wide variety of drugs, and the rules on prescribing medication are being tightened all the time. Our staff are well-trained on the uses and possible dangers on all the drugs we dispense. We are required to dispense tablets in child-proof containers, although if owners find these plastic tops difficult we can, at our discretion, use easy-opening containers instead; do let our nurses know if this is the case. Many chronic medical conditions require pets to be on long term medication; we provide repeat prescriptions at our discretion, but owners will be advised when the vet feels it is necessary to perform a check-up on a long-term patient.

Under UK law we are only allowed to prescribe medicines "for an animal under our care", and this now includes many flea and worm preparations. We usually perform repeat check-ups at a reduced fee, and can provide further details on request.

As an alternative to supplying medicines we can provide prescriptions on request at a cost of £10 plus VAT per item. We can provide the price of any medication on request.