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Specialist Referrals

Just as in the human medical world, we are able to offer more and more diagnostic and therapeutic techniques for our veterinary patients.

Usually it is best to start investigating and treating a patient in house at Castle Veterinary Centre, but sometimes we may decide a second opinion is required with a specialist referral vet.

Referral can be useful in certain cases such as;

  • with rarer species, such as reptiles or birds.

  • in more difficult cases, such as a complicated fracture.

  • in cases where we are not happy with the diagnosis or progress of a case, such as a chronic eczema. 

  • in cases where specialist equipment or procedures are required, such as echocardiography of feline heart failure patients.

There are several veterinary referral centres, both locally and nationally, offering an incredible variety of expertise and knowledge as back up to the practice. Some are based at Veterinary Schools, some in private practices and in some cases the specialist arranges to visit a local practice.

The vets in our practice have a wide range of contacts and can recommend the most suitable referral centre for your pet.

At Castle Veterinary Centre we are committed to the best possible care of our patients and will always recommend referral if we feel it will be useful. If clients are interested they should always discuss referring their pets with their consulting vet.