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To ensure that we have adequate time to offer your pet the care needed, all of our consultations are by appointment only. These are available throughout the day and early evening, Monday to Friday and on Saturday mornings. Evening and Saturday appointments are soon filled, so we do advise that you book early if you require a routine appointment.

In the event of an ‘Out Of Hours’ emergency, please call the surgery on the usual number: 0115 9417894, and your call will automatically be diverted to our Out Of Hours emergency services provider VetsNow, who will give you further advice.

Services We Provide

Most of our investigative work is handled by outside labs; we believe that they give excellent results, offer a vast range of diagnostic services and give value for money; however we do have the facilities to perform the most urgent tests "in-house", and our lab equipment is used to good effect.

To help you provide a lifetime of care for your pet our nurses are able to offer helpful advice during nurse clinics. Our Pet Health Counsellor (PHC) service run by our nursing team helps answer the common questions that often crop-up about dogs and cats, and it compliments the veterinary side of things; a service we provide free of charge. Owners can obtain face-to-face advice on matters such as;

Advice before you buy a pet


Details about vaccinations, worming & flea control


How to avoid those all too common dental problems


Advice on healthy eating


Understanding the needs of elderly pets


Advice and support on mobility problems.

Whether your pet has a dental issue or is overweight, we have lots of treatment options available. We believe the key to your pet's long-term health is prevention. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.


To help clients fully understand all aspects of their pet’s ailments and treatments, we have a wide range of information available, from pre- and post-operative instruction leaflets to loan videos for owners help them learn to give injections, i.e daily insulin, to their pet. If you require information on a particular topic, please ask, we're here to help.

Veterinary Diagnostic

& Referrals


Just as in the human medical world, we are able to offer more and more diagnostic and therapeutic techniques for our veterinary patients.

We are able to provide the most urgent lab tests for almost all patients "in-house", and our own equipment such as our centrifuge, microscope, refractometer and blood testing machine are used to good effect.

However, we often send samples to outside specialist diagnostic companies; they give excellent results, and offer a vast range of diagnostic services using the latest technology and equipment.


Usually it is best to start investigating and treating a patient in house at Castle Veterinary Centre, but sometimes we may decide a second opinion is required with a specialist referral vet.

Referral can be useful in certain cases such as;


  • with rarer species, such as reptiles or birds.

  • in more difficult cases, such as a complicated fracture.

  • in cases where we are not happy with the diagnosis or progress of a case, such as a chronic eczema. 

  • in cases where specialist equipment or procedures are required, such as echocardiography of feline heart failure patients.


There are several veterinary referral centres, both locally and nationally, offering an incredible variety of expertise and knowledge as back up to the practice. Some are based at Veterinary Schools, some in private practices and in some cases the specialist arranges to visit a local practice.

Emergency Care Services

Just like human medicine, emergencies with animals can and do arise without warning. Almost without exception these cases are best seen at the surgery where we have the staff and equipment to deal with them.


Within normal surgery hours we do ask that owners telephone ahead on the usual surgery telephone number, 0115 9417894, to let us know that an emergency is in it's way to the surgery; this lets us have staff primed and and that suitable and possibly life-saving equipment will be ready to use upon arrival.


Home Visits

Generally your pet is best seen at the surgery where all the necessary equipment and assistance is available. Home visits are considerably more expensive than a surgery appointment, and if you have transportation problems our staff can advise you of local taxi firms able to carry pets. However we can arrange home visits for routine treatments (e.g. vaccinations) or if it is time for your pet’s final farewell - please contact us for further details. 

Please note that home visits are not available out of normal working hours.


Emergency Service

Castle Veterinary Centre, along with many other Veterinary Surgerys in the Nottingham City area, is registered with VetsNow for our 'Out of Hours' emergencies.

The benefits to clients are;

  • a dedicated emergency clinic within the city with easy access and FREE parking.

  • a Veterinary Surgeon available at all times with fully trained staff.

  • all clinical notes transferred by fax immediately after treatment.

  • automatic transfer to VetsNow should you require emergency service out of normal working hours, just dial our usual practice number, 0115 9417894.

  • the service is immediatley available when we close; each weekday evening, Saturday afternoons, all day Sunday and during all Bank Holidays.


VetsNow is situated within The PDSA premises at Dunkirk - operating entirely separately after hours.. VetsNow is an independent business from The PDSA using its own fully trained and qualified staff. 


Follow link below to find VetsNow

Pet Wellness Exams

Even when your pet is healthy, Pet Wellness Exams are vital. When treated early, there are issues that can be quickly and cheaply solved, which is why we’re committed to practicing preventative care at our Veterinary Hospital. Contact us to learn more about our services and how you can help make a difference in the lives of pets.

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