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Our History

There has been a veterinary practice at the site of Castle Veterinary Centre for well over 60 years. Mr Smythe who established it, and Miss Townley who succeeded him, specialised in treating companion animals at a time when most veterinary surgeons treated pets very much as a sideline to their farm work. In the 1960's Miss Townley took over the practice and continued to develop and improve the standard of companion animal care in the city.

Current owners, Veterinary Surgeons (and husband and wife) Ewan & Brin McNeill, bought the practice outright in 1990 and started on a refurbishment and development programme. At the same time investment was made in new diagnostic and surgical equipment, which allows us to offer a high standard of treatment and after-care to all pets.

We have an enthusiastic and caring team ready to respond to the growing needs of our clients and their pets.

How to find us...

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