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What steps have we taken to ensure your safety?

We are fully compliant with the UK Government guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19 for both clients & staff, and we are working hard to remain 'COVID SECURE'.

We have:

  • Highest levels of bio-security measures in place

  • Measures in place to facilitate social distancing

  • Reception desk perspex screen - providing a safer environment for all

  • We recommend card only payments where possible - NEW P.O.S. equipment now available with antimicrobial keypad cover to allow safe & secure payment whilst observing social distancing

  • WhatsApp Video consultations available where appropriate

  • Hand sanitizer available. Please use before and after using the card machine and before leaving the premises

  • Clearly designated client seating in our waiting room allowing social distancing - image here...

  • Remote consultations - your pet will be examined by the duty vet without you present, to allow adequate social distancing, who will then return to speak with you and report any clinical findings


  • For clients with dogs, please attend with a soft material type lead that can be easily attached to our 'Dog Park' hook. For clients with cats and other pets in baskets, you will see a drop off point clearly marked 'Pet Carrier Park' just past the reception desk on the left. images here... 

How can you help...?








You can help us by:

  • By only one person attending appointments and entering the waiting room with each animal (other than children and exceptional circumstances)  

  • Wear a face mask or face covering over your nose and mouth whilst on our premises; we will provide a face mask free of charge if you do not have one


  • Making use of the anti-viral hand gel provided when entering or exiting the premises - even if only collecting repeat medication, and before and after using the card machine

  • Arriving on time, but please don't enter the building before your allotted appointment time


  • Sitting in the designated seating areas only when in the waiting room, and observing social distancing at all times when inside the practice. You will be advised where to sit on arrival by a member of our team


  • Paying with debit/credit cards rather than cash if possible

  • If you, or someone you live with develops symptoms of coronavirus, please do not attend or enter the practice. Please call and let us know as soon as possible so we can cancel your appointment; we may be able to offer your appointment to another client. Do not rebook a new appointment until after your self-isolation period

  • PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to make a charge for unattended appointments that are not notified in advance.

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